Integration Manager
Corporate Support
Integration Manager-JO-1707-1444
Lewisville, TX

Description:Stearns’ strategy is to grow both organically and through acquisition. Integration Managers help assure that we bring into Stearns all of the promised value of the acquired company. 

Apply your broad management skills in an area that will contribute to Stearns’ growth. Working with the entire executive team, SVP – Strategic Development, Corporate Attorneys, and a team of dedicated functional experts in IT, Finance, People Experience, and more, you will create and execute the plans to bring each newly-acquired company into Stearns.

Successful candidates are skilled project managers with broad functional knowledge who are able to see the big picture while juggling a myriad of details. This is a fun, high-energy job at the forefront of Stearns’ growth.

Primary Duties:
•Participate in the Due Diligence process to learn about the acquisition target.
•Working with the SVP – Strategic Development and the designated Production Executive, develop the integration strategy and source of value plans that support delivering all the promised value of the deal.
•Form and lead the cross-functional team to create a detailed integration project plan. Integration projects are typically 3-12 months in length.
•Through a regular cadence of 1-on-1 meetings and team teleconferences, manage the project to keep the milestones on track and, using sound judgment and excellent teamwork skills, address any issues.
•Regularly report progress, escalating issues if necessary, to Stearns’ executive team.
•At the project’s conclusion, lead retrospective analysis to improve our M&A playbooks for the next deal.

Qualifications:Candidates should have worked in multiple functions and have at least 10 years’ applicable experience, including managing various projects of increasing responsibility, a Bachelors or Masters degree (MBA preferred), plus:
•Proven success at influencing and leading resources across multiple functions, workgroups, and management levels
•Established credibility with upper management
•Demonstrated excellent project management, communication, and teamwork skills
•Ability to formulate the big picture while working on project details
•A tolerance for ambiguity and flexibility to changing projects and priorities
•Must work at Lewisville site, not remotely
•Desired: A strong finance background as well as familiarity with legal contracts.

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